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Why Choose ITI Istanbul?

ITI is an internationally recognised Cambridge English teacher training centre and the only Cambridge English approved centre for both the CELTA, ICELT and Delta courses in Turkey. We've successfully trained thousands of EFL teachers since we first began running courses in Istanbul in 1987. Complete your teacher training with a course that suits you. We have part-time, full-time and on-line options.

Upcoming Events & News

CELTA in Istanbul
Full-time 4th - 29th Aug
ICELT Module 1 in Istanbul
Full-time 1st - 5th Sept
CELTA in Istanbul
Full-time 8th Sept - 3rd Oct
Part-time DELTA Module 1
Full-time 17th Sept- 26th Nov
Part-time DELTA Module 3
Full-time 17th Sept- 7th Dec
Young Learner's Extension in Istanbul
Part-time 28th Sept - 14th Dec
CELTA Online in Istanbul
Part-time 20th Oct - 9th January
2/3 nights a week for 4 weeks or
5 days a week for 2 weeks
CELTA in Istanbul
Full-time 10th Nov - 12th Dec
Part-time DELTA Module 2
Full-time 10th Dec - 25th Mar

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